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What is ‘Subscribe & Save’?

Subscribe & Save is our set & forget subscription model for regularly ordering your guitar strings - or in fact, many other things on our site too!


How do subscriptions work?

By creating a subscription to any product/s you’ll effectively be setting up a recurring order at a set cadence/interval of your choosing. For example, if you start monthly subscription for two sets of strings, the system will automatically charge your credit card each month and you will get the strings through your letterbox a couple of days later. No need to logon, find the products, and manually order yourself.


Can I pause or cancel a subscription?

Yes, of course! Simply login to your Strings Direct account and select the ‘Subscriptions’ tab from the menu. Here you will see all of your subscriptions with us - active and inactive.


Can I skip or reschedule?

Yes, certainly. A few days before your next scheduled order we will send an email to remind you. In this email will be an option to skip to reschedule.


Can I add products to my subscription.

Yep! As written above, simply login into your Strings Direct account, navigate to ‘subscriptions’ in the menu. Click ‘edit’ next to your order and add whatever you need.


What happens if the payment fails?

No sweat, we’ll email to let you know there’s been a payment issue with a prompt to update the details or get in contact with us. We’ll attempt to take the payment a maximum of three times before cancelling the subscription.


What is a sensible cadence?

5-1. (That’s the perfect cadence). Haha, sorry, musical jokes aside; the interval between orders is as personal as strings; you’ll probably know roughly how long your strings last. However, we suggest 2-3 weeks per standard set of guitar strings for average Joe playing an hour-ish every day. If you prefer coated/extra life strings sets then every 2-3 months may be more sensible.

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