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D'Addario Nickel Bronze

Nickel Bronze strings are the premium uncoated acoustic strings by D’Addario. Featuring an innovative combination of nickel-plated phosphor bronze wrapped onto a high carbon NY steel core, these st...

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D'Addario Nickel Bronze

D’Addario Nickel Bronze is an absolute game-changer in acoustic guitar strings: full-bodied phosphor bronze warmth with the zing and clarity of a nickel plating.

Phosphor Bronze was first used in guitar strings by D’Addario for its natural corrosion resistance for longer tone life and now this nickel plating increases these qualities, as well enhancing your guitar’s natural voice.

These are D’Addario’s premium acoustic guitar strings utilising their most advanced and developed materials.  NY Steel used for the core wire and plain strings is D’Addario’s strongest and most break-resistant steel ever - it was developed for NYXL and is now used in XT and XS too!

The modern-vintage acoustic guitar tone.  In my experience NB strings have a very ‘Monel’ characteristic with an airy, clean clarity from the nickel and a fuller low-end thickness from the phosphor bronze.  For a big-bodied acoustic guitar with an overly warm, boomy, dull sound they give a more woody, open sound with a mid-hump, but crucially without the shimmer and overtones associated with the standard bronzes.  We tried them on an old 50s Gibson Southern Jumbo and the guitar just came to life!

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