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Legacy Strings

Legacy represents the culture of the consummate professional and underground muso. For the player who demands consistency, reliability, quality, and economy; over the last two decades Legacy has es...

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Legacy. Homegrown Heroes

Made to our specification just for you!

Legacy is a Stringsdirect own brand made right here in the UK.  The reason we created Legacy was - and still is - to cater for the needs of the everyday musician; the consummate professional who needs high-quality, reliable strings, great tone, and economical pricing.

Since 2006 Legacy has become a cult favourite amongst our customers with fans from bedroom to studio, stage and guitar techs.  Using a tried ’n’ tested formula of nickel-plated steel wrap wire and high carbon steel hex core these strings are every bit as good as the leading brands but with a much more friendly price tag.  In fact, our in-house guitar tech (who works on guitars for some of the greats) swears by Legacy, using them whenever the job calls for it.

And, an added bonus for all the over-benders… Legacy electric guitar strings come with a spare high-E & B string in every set.  So if you do snap one, you’re covered!  Also, they’re packaged in sealed foils containers with silica gel so they’ll last in you case for ages until you need them!

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