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Build a Custom Set

Thinking of ourselves as the 'strings guys' we definitely know a thing or two about guitar and bass strings, and with that comes the complete understanding of the frustration you get when trying to find a set of strings with the exact gauges you want. Some are so close, but just not quite there! The professionals get to define their sets and we think 'why shouldn't the rest of us too?'...

Welcome to the Strings Direct Custom Set Builder.

Using the buttons below, you’ll be able to choose the type of set you wish to create. Once you've made your selection, simply follow the on-screen steps where you'll be guided through choosing each of the individual string gauges within your set.

Step 1

Choose your set-up

Select your instrument, number of strings, brand, and decide on the material composition of your set.

Step 2

Select your strings

Define the specific gauges of each string and build your custom set.

Step 3

Claim your discount

We automatically apply a 10% discount to all single strings selected in our custom set builder!

Choose your setup

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