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Re-Cycle Scheme


Send us five sets, get 10% discount!

With one step at a time, we're trying to do our part in helping the world towards a cleaner, greener future.  Did you know that your guitar strings aren't actually recycled even when you put them in your kerb-side recycling bin?  Baffling, right?!  Well, in our privileged position as the biggest indie strings retailer in the UK we're hoping to collect enough dead sets from our customers to bulk ship to specialist strings recyclers.

It’s a simple process…

…and a team effort. Firstly, KEEP THE BOX!  Yep, hold onto one of the boxes we post your strings in.  We're including a recycle sticker label with your orders.  All you need to do is get together at least five old sets in one box, stick the label on, add a 2nd Class postage stamp and get them back to us.  Once they arrive we'll email you a 10% discount to use on your next order!

Are guitar strings recyclable?

Well, yes and no; it's not so simple unfortunately.

Guitar strings are made of many different materials and this is the real issue with recycling them at the moment (still in 2023). Although we may think it's as simple as melting them down, actually that's not possible and therefore they have to be dissembled, by hand. However, unwinding them and breaking them apart is a long and costly process.

What is Strings Direct actually doing?

There is a pilot scheme in the US with a company called TerraCycle which is experimenting with recycling strings. We're exploring the same avenues here but it's still not possible.

We've looked at all current options, including shipping large quantities to TerraCycle but the carbon footprint for this far outweighs any benefit.

So for now, we're offering a collection scheme where we take strings back from both our customers and other company's in exchange for a 5% discount on your next strings order.

We're literally collecting and storing them here. Our hope is that this stops a significant amount ending up in landfill until such time as the strings are recyclable.

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