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Guitar Wall Hangers

There's nothing quite as cool as a guitar proudly hung on the wall in your front room or studio. We've got a sweet range of the best guitar wall hangers - and yes, for bass and other instruments too!

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Is it OK to hang my guitar on the wall?

Yes, it’s completely fine to hang your guitar.  For decades we’ve been displaying guitars by wall-mounting them on in our shop, as most other guitar stores do too!  As long as you’re cool with a bit of DIY and you purchase a good guitar hanger then installing a guitar on the wall is the way forward.

Is it better to hang a guitar or put it on a stand? 

Well, there are good arguments for both and I’d say it’s completely dependent on your environment.  Wall-mounting your guitar at home will look the nuts, it will declutter the floor space, and it also has the benefit of keeping it out of reach of children and pets where it could be accidentally damaged.  Conversely, turning up to a venue and asking to drill a couple holes in the wall to hold your guitar will probably end up in a awkward conversation with the venue owner.

How should I hold my guitar on the wall?

Simply, make sure you choose a good, dedicated guitar wall hanger, and you’re confident about putting it up yourself - if not, just ask someone who is.  We love the Hercules Auto-Lock hanger which has a weight-triggered locking to hold your guitar in place and a pivoting yoke to accommodate all kind of funny-shaped headstocks!

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