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Revampp Guitar Service Centre

The Revampp Guitar Workshop was established over 15-years ago at Stringsdirect, Rochford. We've undergone a bit of a branding change (we changed our name) but we're still the same small, dedicated team. Our mission is to revamp(p) your instrument, getting it playing its absolute best. We've seen it all here (some people do scary things to their guitars) and we've sorted it.

Chris our head tech is a bit of legend in our industry. In his over 30-year career he's worked for some of the world's top players including Brian May, The Who, Radiohead, and Jamiroquai.

We're still located inside Stringsdirect.co.uk so we have unique access to a the world of strings and genuine, authentic parts from the top brands and manufacturers.

We hope to see you soon,

To book in drop us a WhatsApp message here > 07432287369


Opening Hours

Every WEDNESDAY: 9.30am - 5.00pm

For an estimate or to book a service drop us a WhatsApp message on 07432287369 or email samuel@revampp.co.uk


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