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D'Addario American Stage Guitar Cables

D'Addario American Stage Series cables are designed to reproduce the natural tones of your instrument with zero interference. Made with audiophile quality wire, precise capacitance, Neutrik plugs, ...

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uitarists are precious about their tone, right? We find ourselves searching for the Holy Grail of all things sonic; tinkering and tweaking our set ups until the end of time. Most will be familiar with the science behind guitar cables, and specifically how the length of them can affect the sound of your guitar. With this in mind, D'Addario developed their flagship cable series: American Stage.

What makes these cables so unique is their low capacitance when compared to your standard cable, meaning that the tone from your guitar itself is preserved before hitting your pedals or amp. Made with HelioFused soldering which provides bulletproof construction and D'Addario's Geo-Tip that works with any jack for the best connection on the market.

Fitted with Neutrik plugs built to D'Addario's unique design, American Stage are the only cables you'll ever need, for life!

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