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Woodies Guitar Hangers

If your anything like me with an obscene amount of GAS and an ever growing collection of guitars, shut in cases, you’ll know game of guitar roulette. Guitar roulette where you pick a guitar much like pulling a card from the shuffled stack of beloved case’s, to find axes you almost forgotten you had. If this is at all similar to your experience, then this may well be an interesting topic, if not then this still will be an interesting topic. Ponderings of maple Firstly remember a guitar is not just for Christmas and guitars should not be hung up or cased or put on stands but played 24hrs a day. Impossible as that is, even with even just one guitar, I’ve often pondered on having my shiny collection of maple flamed beauties on display. I wondered how display cases, such as in the Hard Rock Café, hang their guitars with no noticeable support and at such cool angles. It is easily possible and read on to find out more. Guitar stands vs sanity Guitar stands are a great tool but they take up precious floor space in the studio or lounge. Having dogs and kids running around the home, I have seen my beloved axes tumble and chip away at my sanity, as well as their high end finish. Hang-ups So onto the matter at hand , hanging those axes up and the best ways to do it. There are plenty of wooden type hangars on the market and they are great for hanging up the axes on the wall, out of the way of those pesky kids and dogs, but often they are pretty big lumps and your guitar hangs in a straight up kind of fashion which is ok I guess. Alternatives As I said the run of the mill chucky wood, one-dimensional hanging solution is ok unless you know of an alternative, easy to fix, multi-angled option and almost invisible means to hang guitars. Well it just so happens Woodie has just that option for your hanging needs. Angle of the dangle Hangers that are able to give you the option to hang your guitar at any great angle you wish to choose are not ten a penny. Perhaps you fancy hanging your sweet axe up at a simulating playing angle thus enticing you to strum again on that little work of art that’s been cocooned in it’s box so many months at a time. Or having them pointed at each other a 45 degree angle and so on and so forth, even up on the ceiling if that’s your thing. Woodie to the rescue Well look no further and chuck those big old lumps far from your mind as Woodie has the dream hangars ready for your axe room creations. The brackets are transparent and the box has all the parts you need, thoughtfully packed by Woodie himself. In with the main brackets are great quality rawplugs , screws , instructions and nice foam bit for the back of the guitar , nothing is left to chance plus an install video is available online . http://www.woodieshanger.com/video/ Iz U a DIY Fool ? You would have to be a right bafoon at DIY to mess this up, and I am just the kind bafoon that would wreck an Ikea shelf, but rest assured it is fool proof as I have proven, to hang up your £3000 Gibson or Suhr modern in my case. All guitar types catered for . Woodie has the guitar types labelled on his packages, the subtle nuances that differ from axe to axe is catered for. Guitars like the Teles, angle pointy headstocks, Les Pauls , Strats ,SG, acoustics and bass guitar types are all covered in separate catered for packs. This is an easy to install (with a drill, screwdriver and tape measure) hanger that don’t actually even touch your guitars body or neck. No touchy ? Yes it uses the brackets to attach onto your guitar strap buttons and I personally think they are more secure that a general hangar type deal where you dangle your axe on by it’s headstock. The end of days The end of shuffling though guitar cases, bare guitar-less walls, choosing which hanger to get, boring unrealistic hanging angles, lumps of wood and hooks , not seeing axes for months, all gone in one product. Pull that trigger Guitars make great talking pieces when hanging up for all to see, so don’t deny yourself this great conversational pleasure for one minute longer and pull the trigger on some Woodies hangers today, your guitars deserve more than cases.
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