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Artist Spotlight – Dave Brons- Album Review “Based On A True Story"

It’s not often I get totally blown away by an album release but this is definitely the exception. Dave Brons took a huge leap of faith to quit his day job to peruse a dream of being a full time musician. Dave launched an online crowd fund to create the dollar to bring us this fantastic album “Based on a true story” I personally know Dave to be a really great, kind and thoughtful guy and a fantastic musician. You may or may not know so I’ll provide a little bio , links and a review of his outstanding album. Brons was given his first guitar in 1991 by a youth worker. This act of kindness has created a legacy: Brons regularly teaches underprivileged young people in prisons and education charities, “I’ve seen that playing an instrument can help people turn their lives around. Seeing people’s joy as they realise they can play is a great motivation for me.” Brons is no stranger to hard times himself. Growing up, Money was tight in the Brons household so Dave got a Saturday job, which earned him just enough to pay for his guitar lesson each week. Brons’ guitar obsession was born, often practicing 3 or 4 hours a night and 10 hours a day on the weekend. His Dad, himself a classical musician remarked, “the guitar was surgically attached, he even used to play his guitar in bed late at night with the lights out even after we’d told him to give it a rest and go to bed!” After graduating from the London Guitar Institute in 1999, Dave soon found his technical guitar skills in demand and started teaching privately guitar in the UK and giving masterclasses as far away as Singapore. Dave is overjoyed to finally be making a living from his compositions as well as his guitar teaching. www.davebrons.com Review – Based On A True Story This album is a real emotional ride with true back of the neck hair-raising, tingle educing, highly musical pieces, with a large dose of very professional, film score-esq orchestration and high spec guitar chops to boot. Daves epic use of cinematic sound-scapes , lush drums, uilleann pipes, and a wide pallet of orchestral sounds that include lush string arrangements all amalgamated with a really divine sense of melody and great guitar skills, has made this one of my favourite albums of all time, for real. These tracks will take you into an emotional journey and get your juices flowing, the use of changing rhythms great build ups , long flowing and unique melodic lines, all played with a guitar tone to die for, keeps your interest and when Dave lays on the lead guitar lines you just melt away. I love the fact that I can hear his influences really well inside his own sound, Steve Vai meets Iona (Dave Bainbridge) meets Dave Brons, I love it, well worth the investment I guarantee satisfaction on every track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDYR7lVGN-8&feature=player_embedded
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