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Strings For Beginners

Hello and welcome to the 'Beginners Buyers Guide' area of our website.  If you are new to picking up your instrument and in need of some help choosing your first set of strings, fantastic!! You're definitely in the right place.
These super simple beginners buyers guides have been designed to easily help you choose the first set of strings for your instrument.  In each guide we've selected a very small selection of strings that we wholeheartedly recommend for starting out on your musical journey.
As someone new to buying strings, we completely understand that you need assurance that the strings you are buying are suitable for the job at hand and won’t let you down. We proudly stand by all of our recommendations knowing they will 100% tick all the boxes for somebody just starting out.
No matter what set you choose, we’re confident that you’ll be more than satisfied and the strings will serve you well and help you progress through your journey as a musician.
Have fun, this is where it all begins...
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