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Ernie Ball Slinky

Officially the strings of electric guitar and gracing the biggest stages on the planet, with a list of accredited players that is enviably massive!  Ernie Ball Slinky guitar strings provide the per...

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What makes Ernie Ball Slinkys the leading electric guitar strings?  When making guitar strings for the masses - that being professionals to hobbyists - consistency and versatility is key.  For decades Ernie Ball has been producing guitar strings with state-of-the-art tech and machinery in their 0% humidity factory in Coachella.

Why did I just make a point of mentioning the air humidity?  Guitar strings are made of metal.  Just add moisture and air and you get rust!  Make, and seal your strings in the driest possible environment and they’ll have the best shelf-life of any.

The Ernie Ball Slinky range is made using smooth nickel-plated steel wire which is wrapped around a steel hex core combined with tin-plated, high carbon steel top strings.

Production nailed, what about the tone?  We LOVE Slinkys for that distinctly Ernie Ball bright, and fizzy top-end, then combined with warm, powerful, and full-bodied fundamental tone we get an inherently versatile set of strings.  Furthermore, the feel is literally ‘slinky’ which is to say flexible and springy to play.

These provide the perfectly balanced electric guitar tone. This combination has been, and still is, the sound of Rock!

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