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That feeling when...

That feeling when... ...you cut too much nail off your fingers before a gig. ...panic sets in and you almost forget your parts - seat of the pants gig. ...you snap a string right on a great bend, live. ...you turn your amp on and it's louder than Armageddon! ...you left all your plectrums at home and have to rough it with your fingers or a bit of credit card. ...you don’t have your electronic lazy tuner and your ear has gone south. ...your mates rig sounds way better than yours. ...your mates playing also sounds way better than yours. ...you try that new flash lick you learned last night live and it FAILS. ...your back starts to ache and you wish you hadn’t bought a Les Paul. ...your band wants to play really heavy rock and you wish you hadn’t bought that Strat. ...you go to a blues jam with your pointy, 80’s shred-beast and no-one appreciates you. ...your awesome tone you tweaked late at night with headphones sounds like a shrieking cat the next day. ...that awesome solo you played at the club live last night got videoed and sounds out of tune and out of time plus, is now on YouTube forever. ...that expensive pedal you bought on the strength of that epic YouTube demo and sounds like s--t. ...your healthy practice induced finger burn becomes unhealthy joint and tendon pain. ...you can't find where that hum is coming from in your rig and buy a hum-cancelling gadget and it's still there. ...you do a gig and the town guitar pro or your respected tutor is there to judge every note. ...you poke yourself with that newly cut bit of string and draw that red stuff out.
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