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MXR M300 Reverb

A GOOD REVERB IS HARD TO FIND A Good reverb for guitar players has, for so many years been painfully hard to find.  Many contemporary makers have not included reverb or if they have it’s often of inferior quality.  If you are like me and into pre-1963 guitar amps reverb was never an option, unless you were OK with carrying a large spring reverb in a box that was a big as your amp head! The early digital reverb pedals were OK if you wanted studio plate/digital effects like the Fender Reverb Tank or Twin Reverb in recent years, but still none were of that high quality sprung reverb that I am talking about.  In recent years this has been addressed by various effects makers such as BOSS, Electro-Harmonix, Strymon and T-Rex Engineering, to name but a few. It’s been a year or so since I approached Dunlop enquiring as to why there was still not an MXR reverb unit available to which they replied hinting that one was in the making but they would not release it until it was ready to pass their critically high standards; and, boy are we happy they waited… At NAMM 2016 Jim Dunlop & MXR announced the release of their M300 Reverb; and it’s good, really good!  Opposed to its counterparts from other manufacturers, the M300 is housed in a sleek, compact 9V unit and it’s also incredibly simple to use with minimal controls, a great range of features and a superb combination of vintage and modern reverb tones. M300: Main Features
  • 6 selectable reverbs
  • True bypass that lets the reverb naturally decay when turned off
  • Expression pedal input
  • Stereo in/out when using TRS cables
The M300 is typical of what I have come to expect of MXR pedals with excellent design & build quality supporting sonorous, full-bodied effects and at affordably mid-ranged prices. https://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/effects-recording-c6/reverb-c152/mxr-mxr-m300-reverb-guitar-effects-pedal-p10678 IMG_0101 Why do I favour the M300? I am all about authentic, high quality spring tones and many other units seem to emulate bad spring systems, producing tonal qualities like short spring tone, excessive spring bounce and a tendency to become too "bathroomy".  The MXR however absolutely nails the mechanical spring tone while simultaneously maintaining depth and a natural lushness without over-saturating the midranges. Get yours here: https://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/effects-recording-c6/reverb-c152/mxr-mxr-m300-reverb-guitar-effects-pedal-p10678
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