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Kids On Guitars

There have always been child prodigies, since, like forever!  But, the Internet has opened the stage for the world’s kids to come out of the woodwork - and show us all up!

The likes of slide legend Derek Trucks and blues man Joe Bonamassa were both child prodigies, so I thought, but I wonder who is today’s Trucks and tomorrow’s Bonamassa?

While researching for this blog I was aware that constant searching for videos of kids playing was possibly going raise alarms with the paedophile police but just for you guys I’ve risked my reputation to source of some real cool kids.

First off, Anton Oparin. At 11 years old, he is my top banana and he can really play:


It’s going to be hard to top that last video but let’s take a further look into the world of kids on guitar.  This next kid is also a demon on guitar:


I’m guessing it starts off like this kid and his loving musical father:


Well I have some suspicions that that’s possibly a fake video, but this one isn’t:


That last video is really scary as we all know what the North Koreans are like with human rights and discipline.  Frightening to think how much pressure there must be on those children.

This next video is quite cute as Zoe aged 7 plays Guns n’ Roses’ ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’:


If you thought that was going to be the youngest think again, check out 6 year old Quin Sullivan:


This next vid has shattered my concept of religion, sexism and ageism in one take:


Here are a few more link to check out:

How about this impromptu jam out, on the street, with another child prodigy?


Here are a couple of very clever girls too:

[embed]https://youtu.be/AutOtI6J9lc[/embed] [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpASSx0ecTU[/embed]

This kid has got the stage presence down to a T:


Some kids have gone too far though:



To end, let’s have some banjo:


Next time you try to teach your uninterested son or daughter and they whine “but I can’t do it” show them one of these videos! - and consider the North Koreans!

By Mark Thompson www.guitar-addiction.co.uk

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