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D'Addario at Strings Direct

The Powerhouse that is D’Addario Strings

Established in 1974 in Lyndbrook New York by members of the D’Addario family, the company, who primarily make guitar strings, have been recognised as one the leading manufacturers in the industry. The family were already well established string makers in the small town of Salle, Italy, previous to the creation of D’Addario Strings, Since then, the string makers have become the global powerhouse and front leaders in the manufacture of guitar strings, offering a range of strings for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. The latest string range ‘NYXL’ has wiped the floor in the industry, winning the “Best In Show”  award at the 2014 summer NAMM exhibition and since then the award for “Best Innovative Product” at the 2015 MIPA awards earlier this year. This innovative development of strings are being hailed as having a much higher tension than the normal guitar string, with a higher snapping pressure, allowing the string to bend much further. D’Addario strings are favourite around the globe by amateur and professional guitarists alike, including the likes of, Lenny Kravitz, Dave Matthews, Guns ‘N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus and the Cure’s Reeves Gabriel who said; “Overtones, sustain, cool tone. I’m in love.” A selection of their ‘NYXL’ strings is available here, with also a much wider range of D’Addario strings, the perfect string for your guitar. Along with being a global phenomenon for guitar strings, the D’Addario company has branched out into other aspects of the musical industry, becoming masterful in each of their fields, including, drumhead, drum sticks woodwinds and musical accessories. Here at Strings Direct we are also proud suppliers of a wide range of D’Addario musical accessories, ready for all your needs.

D’Addario Fender Electric Guitar Essentials Pack

Ka8sWrz edit   The D’Addario company has gone from strength to strength, with their latest range of the famous ‘NYXL’ range of strings released later this year. Be sure to check out Strings Direct's extensive and dedicated D'Addario range regularly in order to keep up to date with the latest innovations from this leading brand.
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