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Michael Baugh Attack Of The Giant Mechanical Man Reviewed

Michael began doing studio work in his home town of Plymouth in the southwest of England as a hired gun for local studios. After a short time he started getting jobs writing jingles for websites and YouTube channels which lead on to product demonstration videos, song writting and even producing. Michael has had a very colourful career in the session world recording all sorts of music from Blues, Soul, Rock and even Iranian pop music! Michael has also done sessions for Kyle Coleman, April Media Productions, Jam Track Central, Guitar Planet Magazine, Fretpoint and many more. He has even worked with some of the best musicians in the world such as: Al Marconi Alex Hutchings Andy Timmons (Olivia Newton-John) Paul & Emi Gilbert (Mr.Big) Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, C. Aguilera, J.Timberlake) Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats, Dizzy Rascal) Jan Cyrka (Jamtrackcentral.com) Uli John Roth (The Scorpions) Rick Graham (iGuitar) Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani) Tom Quayle (iGuitar) Kiko Loureiro (Angra) Christophe Godin (Morglbl) Jennifer Batten (Jeff Beck Band, Michael Jackson) The Guitarist – Before going into the album, Michael Baugh is definitely a very talented young musician and dare I say guitar virtuoso. The way Michael stands out to me is not just his very exiting and plentiful guitar soloing skills, but his unique composing, and the way he fuses styles from jazz to heavy rock with elements of past genres, bringing them into the modern music world with much charm and finesse. Michael boasts endorsements from Ernie Ball Musicman, Wampler, Seymour Duncan, D’Addario and Guv Gear, a list as impressive as his blistering chops. Michaels website is here http://www.mikebaugh.co.uk/index.html The Album - Attack Of The Giant Mechanical Man mechanical On first impressions Michaels album made me think of words like, fresh, exiting, energetic, fun and emotive with bagfuls of feel. There is no shortage of hair raising fun and takes the listener on a great melodic journey. It’s very hard to genre specific this album but I would give it a jazz-rock metal kind of vibe. This is an instrumental album, apart from one track with vocals (Kate Wild) and will certain knock the socks off electric guitar lovers. The songs are dynamic and alive with the awesome drummer Nick D’Virgilio (Genesis, tears for fears) and bass guitarist Jon Reshard (Prince, Greg Howe). Some keyboard and piano parts are played by Michaels wife Sabina and a guest drummer Andrea Sjeon plays on a couple of tracks too. The sounds are fantastic and Michael has kept it honest without the extensive layering or overdubbing guitars like other albums can often have. With its lush tonal simplicity and honesty, the guitarist shows himself to be a great virtuosi performer and unique composer, which makes this a pleasure to listen to over and over. Purchase the album here http://www.mikebaugh.co.uk/store.html
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