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Why Every Guitarist Needs Reggae

This post was created and submitted by our guest writer: James Martin from Why reggae? Fair question – it’s not an obvious style of music to throw at beginner guitar players. Simply put, for guitar players reggae is all about the “and” – the up- or off- beat. Learning to feel the off beat is a crucial skill, but one that many guitar players bypass, because.. well, if you’re into rock, or metal, or blues… what does reggae have to do with any of that? Simple. EVERYTHING uses the... Read More

Legato – Ligado

Written by Mark Thompson from Guitar Addiction I love the sound of legato played on guitar and I’ve been opened up to a whole world of distinguishable and fantastic players who major in legato technique for their own sound. Some players practice to get extremely good at legato just for the liquid like sound it produces, some have excelled at this technique in the pursuit of speed and some adopt legato due to a lack in their picking technique. What is legato? Legato is an Italian word that means ‘tied... Read More


The Gods of Rock salute you – quotes from the guitar greats to rock your soul

We all take inspiration from someone or something, whether it be someone’s methodology, melody, harmony, texture, instrumentation, effects and sound or the creative process used to make music or practice. I like to source quotes from accomplished people and the great musicians of our times. These quotes give me a little lift or a push in the right direction or open up a new avenue of thought process in my own journey in music. Some, just give me validation that I’m doing the right thing. Music is an art, but... Read More

Top Tips for Mastering the Art of Guitar Phrasing!

How to master guitar phrasing – Top Tips from Strings Direct’s guitar experts. Phrasing is an important subject and mastering phrasing is as much a part of the mechanic of music as the technical side of it. Just think of the many different ways people phrase the same words or sentences, this is the same in musical phrases, too. We can often tell guitarists apart by the uniquely identifiable way they phrase lines and our own phrasing can become what makes us unique in our own playing style.   The... Read More


D’Addario at Strings Direct

The Powerhouse that is D’Addario Strings Established in 1974 in Lyndbrook New York by members of the D’Addario family, the company, who primarily make guitar strings, have been recognised as one the leading manufacturers in the industry. The family were already well established string makers in the small town of Salle, Italy, previous to the creation of D’Addario Strings, Since then, the string makers have become the global powerhouse and front leaders in the manufacture of guitar strings, offering a range of strings for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. The... Read More


Welcome to the Strings Direct Blog Page!

Strings Direct are proud to welcome you to the introduction of our very own blog page, which will serve as a platform for sharing topical news and updates from our store. Beginning is a modest ‘shoebox premise’ with a passion and a drive to succeed in bringing the customer only high-quality products with premium service, Strings Direct has grown exponentially to this day and our website has followed this trend, ensuring that it is equipped to interact with our visitors frequently at the click of a button; and the integration... Read More