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Finding the time to play and practice…

Finding the time to play and practice… How do you find spare time? It must be wonderful to have tonnes of time on your hands to play and practice at leisure – imagine that!  We all love the guitar so much and want to make ourselves the best we can be with the time we have, yet sometimes it’s hard to get that quality time with it. The trials of a busy life: work, kids and juggling/cuddling with your wife while watching TV tend to take over, and instead of... Read More


Tips & Trick For Getting Your Practice Right

By Dan Sugarman From As Blood Runs Black I am 20 years old and have been playing the guitar for about eight years, and every new day I get to play the guitar is a reward in itself. I was one of those guys who would sit in his room and practice for five to eight hours a day. No matter what day of the week it was or whose party my friends told me I should to go to that night, you could count on me making noise in my... Read More



ALL THE THINGS WE CAN DO TO OR WITH A NOTE In the Guitar Addiction group we have a problem with lists, people just love lists: who’s the best shredder, best amp, what’s your favourite pedal?  And the lists go on… So in the spirit of this group pastime I’m going to list all the things I can think of that we can do with or to a note. 1. Play it through a wooden chamber with strings on it (acoustic guitar). 2. Play it through a magnetic pickup through... Read More


Tips for Guitar Care

Tips for Guitar Care Guitars are beautiful instruments and an important part of guitar ownership is guitar care. Like any other wooden instrument, they must be properly cared for if you want them looking good and sounding great, as the tone and pitch of a guitar can be affected if a guitar has been neglected. Temperature & Humidity Not many of us would think it, but temperature and humidity can have a huge impact on a guitar, and can affect the look, as well as the sound quality.  If there... Read More


Un-Guitar Blog

Un-guitar Blog Before you all shout blasphemy and stone me for it let me tell you where I’m coming from with this blog title: Through the many different styles of music there are always going to be bands with no guitar. Strange though it seems to us guitar freaks there will always be non-guitar music, but this doesn’t have to be the travesty it first seems.  Many of our favourite players draw influences from different instruments and non-guitar music. I get off to synthesizers, soul-funk-electric Rhodes piano, saxophones, flute and... Read More


Kids On Guitars

There have always been child prodigies, since, like forever!  But, the Internet has opened the stage for the world’s kids to come out of the woodwork – and show us all up! The likes of slide legend Derek Trucks and blues man Joe Bonamassa were both child prodigies, so I thought, but I wonder who is today’s Trucks and tomorrow’s Bonamassa? While researching for this blog I was aware that constant searching for videos of kids playing was possibly going raise alarms with the paedophile police but just for you... Read More


Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block We all suffer from writer’s block at some stage, usually from going into a session unprepared, the pressure of a time constraint or just losing what we thought we had. Ultimately, it’s something all artists struggle with so in this short blog I’m going to look at what induces writer’s block and what can be done to alleviate it. Firstly, always go into a session prepared.  Write your ideas down or record/video yourself on your phone – having your ideas consolidated and readily available to reference will really... Read More


30 Tips To Be A Better Guitarist

If there’s one thing that’s unanimous across all guitarists it’s the need to get better; here’s a checklist of things to consistently do to make sure you get the most of out your practice time.  It can be hard and it will take a lot of time but it’s going to be worth it. Play standing up and/or sit up straight and learn to relax. Discipline yourself to learn at least 1 new piece of information a week like a song or chord scale. Ask yourself and others questions and... Read More


Evil Side Of Music

So Halloween is much to do about scary stuff, and music is a tool for creating emotions and messages, so let’s look at fear and darkness in music shall we? Fear What is scary music? To answer that question you’d possibly pick something from a movie like the two notes played when Jaws was coming or Tubular Bells from the Exorcist. Scary music has been around for centuries and I’m going to go as far back as the 1800’s for this blog. Imagine an age when the church had its... Read More


Michael Baugh Attack Of The Giant Mechanical Man Reviewed

Michael began doing studio work in his home town of Plymouth in the southwest of England as a hired gun for local studios. After a short time he started getting jobs writing jingles for websites and YouTube channels which lead on to product demonstration videos, song writting and even producing. Michael has had a very colourful career in the session world recording all sorts of music from Blues, Soul, Rock and even Iranian pop music! Michael has also done sessions for Kyle Coleman, April Media Productions, Jam Track Central, Guitar... Read More