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Player Spotlight – Kirk Hammett

San Francisco, California the home of the Golden Gate bridge and the notorious Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary; a city famously associated with these two badass landmarks and many more… in 1962 saw the birth of arguably one of the most iconic members of the heavy-metal scene and a truly era-defining guitar hero of monstrous proportions.🤘  “Guitar playing to me is such a large part of my life. I mean, I can safely say that the guitar, it’s beyond just playing it. It’s become a behaviour of mine. It’s something that helps... Read More


Player Spotlight – Phil X

Toronto, Ontario, Canada epically famous for the Niagara Falls 🌊 However, more importantly on the 10th of March 1966 the man who literally broke YouTube was born… Theofilos Xenidis is probably not a name that will ring too many bells immediately but this man single-handedly carved the term “YouTube personality”. This chapter brings us to a story that goes full circle and perfectly captures the ideology of the ‘modern day guitar hero’ from online sensation to full time rockstar. We can only be talking about one man the outrageous Phil... Read More


Scott Sharrard – Player Spotlight

“One of the best guitarists in the country.” — Billboard Magazine Michigan  “The Great Lakes State”, December 28, 1976 – was the day the iconic bluesman Freddie King died, a hero in the hearts of the many to this very day none more so than this editions featured player who was born on the very same day his hero passed over. 🎸  This Grammy nominated musician has been called “one of the best Blues/R&B guitarists in the country” by Billboard Magazine. Longtime writing partner, musical director, and guitarist for Gregg... Read More


Peter Hayes – Player Spotlight

This instalment sees us getting back to the roots of real grease, leather and whiskey rock ‘n’ roll. A journey that starts with a melting pot from Minnesota to San Francisco, California. We have a truly fascinating spotlight of a psych-rock, punk-rock, new wave, revolutionary, retro, fuzz-drenched delay, swirling, rhythm, cascading, country, blues, slide and harmonica machine. If you struggled to get your head round that intense and truly psychedelic statement then be ready to get lost and immersed in the haunting riffs and shape-shifting tones of the underground guitar hero... Read More

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Player Spotlight – Johnny Marr

Reflecting back to a time of much uncertainty and political unrest set against an industrial Manchester with a backdrop of dystopian Britain.Hope and aspirations of a generation were encapsulated by the melodies and melancholy sentiments of an unassuming band of youths from the heart of cultural Manchester. Sonic statements and a new and almost poetic guitar sound has been imprinted upon a time and place creating a prolific guitar hero of unprecedented status – Johnny Marr plays guitar! 😎  “It’s not about being famous. Never was.” Johnny Marr Ernie Ball... Read More


Player Spotlight – John Paul White

“Countrypolitan” or “The Nashville  Sound” are terms used to describe the lush, orchestral approach to country music that took root in Nashville in the 60’s. Strings and chorus sections embellished the music in to make it appeal to a more distinguishing audience of the time. Let’s take a journey to Nashville, Tennessee and look into a truly revered and widely respected individual on the acoustic guitar scene. We often immediately associate the guitar hero with an absolute rockstar image, outrageous presence and in-your-face charisma. But, to be a guitar hero... Read More


Player Spotlight – Gary Clark Jr.

We journey down South for this weeks guitar master and tone connoisseur. This instalment finds us in Austin, Texas: “The Live Music Capital of the World”! The stage is set, and the amps are lit 🔥, so let’s catch the train as it pulls in and get on the movement that is the smokin’, modern bluesman Gary Clark Jr. 🤘   Texan Blues and City Limits Gary has his roots in Austin in more ways than one; his family name carries a link through a distant relative, W.C. Clark dubbed the... Read More

Nick Perri Live 06/01/2021

Player Spotlight – Nick Perri

This week we make our way to Philadelphia. Home to many firsts in the USA, and iconically symbolic with many American Revolutionary sites – most notably the signing of the Declaration Of Independence ✍️ – it seems this state still has far more to offer. So let’s stick with the subject of firsts: there’s only one way to introduce this weeks player. This could be the first time you’ve heard this… . Ladies and gentlemen may we introduce you to Mr Nick Perri: Okay, so let’s just take a breather... Read More

MrsSmith_Featured_image 30/12/2020
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Player Spotlight – Mrs. Smith

In this edition of the Player Spotlight we find ourselves downtown at the centre of the universe, New York.🤘 A place in the world with endless opportunity and limitless possibilities. But, to make yourself known and stand out, you really must have something truly unique to catch the eye of the masses. Charisma is everything .. Ticking all the appropriate boxes, multi-faceted professional actor/artist/musician David Hanbury had a very strong and diverse skill set, however, competition in an industry meant he needed a unique selling point. What better way than... Read More

Chris Buck 22/12/2020

Player Spotlight – Chris Buck

If you’ve had even a sniff at the guitar press or on YouTube in the past few years , you will no doubt have come across the talents of Chris Buck.  This young welshman has earned several “Guitarist of The Year” accolades over the past few years all the while garnering quite the online following with his legion of fans appearing to be growing day by day… and for good reason. What usually starts out as an innocent 5 minute look at his YouTube channel can lead you down a... Read More