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PLAYER SPOTLIGHT “WHO THE FUCK IS THAT GUITAR PLAYER?!” – JON BON JOVI Under the microscope in this edition of the Stringsdirect Player Spotlight we take a closer look at this outrageously exciting, aggressive and truly satisfying to musician to absorb, an outstanding player. 🎸 Every once in a while we come across a player that is adored by fans and fellow musicians alike, a player that is literally from another level and the sounds, techniques, and levels of ability feel as though they are above the clouds. In a... Read More


Round Wound Vs. Flat Wound Strings: What Is The Difference?

Over the course of my last few articles, I have covered some of the most significant elements of string construction, and the impact that these elements have on both the tone and playability of strings for blues guitarists. If you haven’t had a chance to check those articles out, and you are also looking to find out a bit more about the differences between string sets, then you can find them here: Are Light Gauge Strings Better For The Blues? String Gauge Of The Blues Greats Pure Nickel Vs. Nickel... Read More



PLAYER SPOTLIGHT “The King 👑  Of  Thrash 🤘 “I didn’t want to play guitar” The Breakdown (B.C. Rich)“ This instalment looks to shake the walls and is definitely not for the faint hearted ⚠️ ⚡️ This edition’s featured character is larger than life and an absolute monster of rock! 👿 Arguably one of the key forefathers in the world of heavy metal’s progression to thrash. 🤘 We open our ears, minds, and amplifier parking spaces to this landmark player who has dominated the hard-core metal scene for decades with his all-conquering band and... Read More



PLAYER SPOTLIGHT “I am Kiss! And I mean that in the best way. I consider KISS my band.” Paul Stanley The pinnacle of rock ‘n’ roll can be defined in many ways, but maximum rock ‘n’ roll is clear to see when you observe this weeks player spotlight. A truly exquisite combination of down and dirty rock ‘n’ roll along with equal amounts of theatricality and alter ego characters. Flamboyance is more than an expression but a right of passage with this edition’s player. A player that has embedded... Read More


Round Core vs. Hex Core Strings

Which Are Better For The Blues? There is a lot that goes into the construction of guitar strings. Manufacturers alter a wide range of elements during string construction, and each of these has an impact on the tone their strings produce and also on the way they feel. In my last few articles I have addressed some of the most significant of these factors – including string gauge and material. So if you are new to this topic, I would recommend having a look at those articles first: • Are... Read More



PLAYER SPOTLIGHT “I always think about finding the space and playing just what needs to be played” (Matt Parker interview) – There comes a time when every son wants to be his father and this chapter really takes that ole story home. Well, I say home, home is a very personal preference and not always a singular place but more of a feeling or emotional sanctuary. This type of deep and meaningful thought and perception on the human condition leads effortlessly into this editions player spotlight. A spirited player with... Read More



PLAYER SPOTLIGHT “Life has had in store for me way more than I ever imagined” Keith Urban …“ This week’s chapter takes us on a journey exploring the road to country music roots and beyond. No less than four Grammy wins, 18 more nominations, five ARIA Awards, and 24 country Number One hits, this player has solidified his position as a music industry powerhouse. It hasn’t always been this way though, his journey has been littered with roadblocks and hurdles: the essential foundation of a storytelling country music spokesman.... Read More


Pure Nickel vs. Nickel wound strings: What is the difference?

When it comes to choosing guitar strings, most players tend to focus on string gauge. And this is not so surprising. Altering or experimenting with different gauge strings has an instant impact on how your guitar feels to play. And this in turn affects the tone that you create. If you are still experimenting with different gauge strings – or if you don’t know where to start when it comes to string gauge – then I cover the topic in greater detail in these two articles: Are Light Gauge Strings... Read More



PLAYER SPOTLIGHT “Ginger Baker and myself were really a hot jazz rhythm section, and even when Eric was playing, Cream was basically a jazz band. We never told Eric that, but that’s another story.” Quote – J. Bruce for Tony Bacon 1989 (14.05.20) The definition of an icon and a heritage musician embedded into musical history is something that can only be given, not claimed. For a player to gain recognition by both fans and musicians alike a special chemistry and wizardry must be present. 😎 This chapter brings us... Read More



PLAYER SPOTLIGHT “In a lot of ways, I feel like the best lessons I ever learned were from messing up” This edition features no plectrum, no real pedals to speak of, a Coricidin bottle and a whole lotta tone! Arguably one of the most influential players of the modern day we focus on a true icon and master of his style. This week’s player is highly regarded by fellow players within the industry and inspirationally adored by loyal fans and followers. One of those incredible musicians that all other musicians... Read More