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Sonik Guitar & Bass Parts

Offering economic solutions to everyday guitar and bass maintenance.

Not everything in the guitar world needs to be expensive. Sonik, a Strings Direct own brand, is formed to deliver good, reliable parts for the everyday repairs and upgrades to your guitar or bass. Our parts are sourced around the world from specifically chosen factories to ensure quality.

To keep costs down we opted to omit the brand stamp on our parts and we do not use any unnecessary packaging.

Sonik Machineheads

Sonik machine heads (tuning machines, tuners, winders, etc... ) to suit a variety of guitars with 3-a-side, 6-in-line, rail and 12-string options available.

Having a good set of machineheads is essential for getting your guitar to sound and play its best.  The correct set of machines on your guitar will keep your strings in tune perfectly without any movement or rattles and can also increase string life.

Sonik Electronik

For all of the internal components of your guitar or bass we've sourced good, reliable replacements for all of it, including: output jack sockets, pots (potentiometers), battery compartments and selector switches.

Sonik Pickguards

Pickguards (or scratchplates) in various finishes for Strats, Teles and Les Pauls.

Sonik Bridges

Sonik bridges are currently available for a small selection of instruments, including Telecaster, Precision-style bass and Gibson or similar with Tune-o-Matic bridges.  Our bridges are all made from chromed steel for a hard-wearing, brilliant finish.

Other Parts

For any other parts and accessories, there's a chance we've got what you need here.  Click the image above to browse.