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Single Guitar & Bass Strings

At Strings Direct we know that sometimes the standard gauges pre-packed by manufacturers just aren’t what you’re looking for and to gain that ideal set for your perfect signature tone you need to do some tweaking. That’s why we are the only store that sells single strings individually so you can create your own custom gauge set.

Whether you slappa da bass, or you’re a shred-head, folky festival strummer, or smooth classical player we have an extensive range of single strings which allows you to create your very own, bespoke string set.  Also ideal for those of you who like to experiment with unconventional tunings, we can now make sure you keep a good, even tension across your instrument making tuning stability infinitely better.

Even if you just want to keep some spare single strings in your gig bag just in case you break a string mid gig we have stock from great brands such as D’Addario, Ernie Ball, Jim Dunlop, Earthwood, Martin, Elixir, Thomastik-Infeld, Rotosound and many more… No longer do you have to buy a whole new set of Elixir strings, we stock the singles for all sets so a replacement can be on its way straight away. 

Customer Review: “I always come back to Strings Direct as it is so easy to buy single strings. I can make my own custom gauge set up and also buy some spares for the other pre packed sets I used on different guitars. I can’t get that anywhere else.”