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New MXR Jimi Hendrix Range inc. Gypsy Fuzz, Octavio & Uni-Vibe

Sam and Aaron play through the new range of Hendrix designed pedals showing you how to get the iconic sounds. The pedals we've used are the Fuzz Face, Gypsy Fuzz, Octavio, Uni-Vibe and mini Wah. These pedals really define the Jimi Hendrix sound and they're all in standard-sized housings which make them super convenient for dropping into any pedalboard.

The Fuzz Face, Uni-Vibe and Wah were all crucial elements of Jimi's sound.  That classic, gnarly fuzz distortion and wah characterised his solos and famous riffs.  The new range of authentic Hendrix pedals are designed to make that generation-defining sound attainable.  Aside from being crammed into Phase 90-sized shells the circuits have been faithfully reproduced across the range only with the addition of status LEDs and true-bypass hardware.

Strings Direct TV | Elixir Strings interview with Johan Andreasson of Amaranthe

Follow this link for Elixir strings >>>

In this video Sam chats to bassist of Swedish band Amaranthe about Elixir bass strings, tour, travel and breaking bones.

Strings Direct TV | Orange Crush 12 Review

The Orange Crush 12 is a miniature practise amp which is pretty spot on for most styles and calibre of guitar player.  With its impressively compact size and weight, 6" speaker, badass Orange looks, powerful cleans and fizzy distortion, CabSim and headphone output it just about ticks all of the boxes.

Have a listen and see what you think.

Strings Direct TV | Unboxing D'Addario & Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Tuner

Just landed on my desk I thought it'd be cool to unbox and learn about this brand new pedal tuner from D'Addario.

Strings Direct TV | BeatBuddy MKII

BeatBuddy MKII is here!

BeatBuddy was invented out of frustration at not being able to find a drum machine that enabled hands-free live control of a beat. Other drum machines are either complicated table-top devices that are difficult, if not impossible, to control while jamming, or are poorly made afterthoughts in loopers that grant no control of a single repetitive beat loop — no fills, no rhythm changes, no accent hits, no tap tempo, no pause/un-pause feature, and of course no computer interface.


With detailed input from the musician community, the BeatBuddy was designed to be the perfect solution to this frustration: The power of a drum machine with the simplicity of a pedal.

Strings Direct TV | Lehle P-Split | Guitar Splitter, DI and Re-Amping Box

P-Split is a nifty little unit that is essential for splitting and balancing electric & acoustic guitar signals,  as well as re-amping.  Listen in to find out how.

Strings Direct TV | Pedaltrain Classic Jr. GIVEAWAY

Strings Direct TV | Pedaltrain Classic Jr. GIVEAWAY

Read all about it and ENTER here:

Strings Direct TV | Lehle Dual SGoS Switcher with Joki from Lehle

This week, Joki Schaller from Lehle came over to visit and talk about their range.  Check out the Dual SGoS walkthrough video here:

Visit our Lehle page:

Strings Direct TV | ENGL vs. MOOER Hi-Gain Preamps feat. Engl, Marshall, Koch, EVH5150 & Diezel

Sam and Brandon run through the higher-gain amp preamps including emulations of the Marshall JCM900, Diezel Hagen, EVH5150, Koch Powertone and Engl Ritchie Blackmore.

Skip to the demos:

05.49 - 003 Power Zone (Koch Powertone)

10.30 - 002 UK Gold (Marshall JCM900)

13.48 - 001 Gas Station (Diezel Hagen)

17.04 - 005 Fifty Fifty 3 (EVH5150)

22.15 - 009 Blacknight (Engl Ritchie Blackmore)

24.39 - Engl Cab simulation D.I.

Strings Direct TV | MXR il diavolo overdrive review / walkthrough

The Il Diavolo Overdrive, designed in collaboration with premier Italian pedal designer Carlo Sorasio, features a classic circuit that’s been hot-rodded for enhanced midrange and low end frequencies. The three-position Hi/Low switch allows you to select silicon clipping, LED clipping, or wide open overdriven op-amp clipping for a full range of symmetrical and asymmetrical tones, from a smooth organic boost to sweet, smoky overdrive to full on-grind.

Strings Direct TV | MXR Dyna Comp Mini Compressor Pedal - it's TINY!

The Dyna Comp pedal is widely regarded as one of the most popular compressor pedals of all time because of its long sustain and percussive, clicky attacks. The Dyna Comp Mini combines these iconic features with housing that is almost half the size of the original. The smaller shell allows for easier storage and placement in live or recording setups. With a rare CA3080 'metal can' integrated circuit, the Dyna Comp Mini works with greater transparency and an increased dynamic range. Guitarists can alter their attack thanks to the brand new attack switch to toggle between slow and fast attack times.

Ideal For Funk & Pop
Featuring the best sounds and tones of the original Dyna Comp, the mini compression pedal offers guitarists a percussive, clicky attack commonly found in funk and pop. With its increased sustain and even dynamics, the pedal is easily well suited for leading lines and playing a wide variety of musical genres.


  • Classic MXR compression in a space-saving mini housing
  • Rare CA3080 'metal can'
  • All-new attack switch
  • Includes ECB003 power adapter

Strings Direct TV | Ernie Ball PARADIGM Slinky Comparison feat. Cobalt & Slinky



Listen to the clean demo at 2.10, overdrive at 3.05 and dirty at 3.35.

Ernie Ball’s Paradigm strings are the most break resistant strings on the planet - they’ll even guarantee it!  Providing an industry leading level of strength and longer life, Paradigm strings demonstrate an unprecedented advance in string technology while still retaining 100% of the Slinky tone and feel that the top players of the last 40 years and come to love and demand.

Ernie Ball’s Paradigm ultra-high-strength steel makes up the cores of the wound strings and the plain strings which are then further reinforced with Ernie Ball’s patented lock twist to ensure superior tensile and fatigue strength.  Paradigm strings will lock into tune fast and withstand an assault from even the most hardcore players.

The wrap wire on the Paradigm wound strings is plasma-enhanced for corrosion resistance and Everlast treated for unparalleled repellency of oils, sweat and gunk & debris build-up.  Experience the first set of longer lasting strings that are worth playing with all benefits and no compromises.

Since 1962 the Ball family has been dedicated to crafting guitar strings that shape the landscape of rock and roll. Continuing their passion for innovation and high-quality products, Ernie Ball PARADIGM electric and acoustic guitar strings are the world’s most advanced string technology ever created. Featuring the first fully backed guarantee - if Paradigm strings break or rust within 90 days, Ernie Ball will replace them. Paradigm strings feature superior break-resistance and unparalleled durability while delivering the iconic Slinky tone Ernie Ball is known for. 

Strings Direct TV | WIN!! the MOOER Ocean Machine - Devin Townsend Signature Delay/Reverb Pedal

Check out the new addition to the Mooer pack... the Ocean Machine.  The Ocean Machine combines three high fidelity effects in one unit - two delays, a reverb and a looper.  In this video Sam is jamming over a simple loop created by playing four bars, then using the Ocean Machine to play in half speed and reverse... check it out!

Designed and developed over two years, in collaboration with Devin Townsend, the Ocean Machine is a high fidelity professional Delay, Reverb and Looper unit which brings together the best available hardware on the market and very complex algorithms to create lush, heavenly effects. MOOER has worked very closely with Devin Townsend to meet all of his own personal requirements while also ensuring that the "Ocean Machine" is versatile and enjoyable for musicians from all walks of life.

A multitude of programmability and control options makes the ocean machine ideal for all different kinds of guitarists from bedroom beginners to industry professionals and is easy to integrate into all different kind of setups. MOOER has brought all of this together into a small, stylish and highly competitive, cost efficient package.

Strings Direct TV | LR Baggs Pickups ft. LYRIC, M1 Active & Element

Listen to the L.R. Baggs Lyric, Element and M1 Active side-by-side in this demo by Sam.

The LR Baggs Lyric is a condenser microphone that's positioned just infront of the bridge inside the guitar while the Element is an undersaddle transducer and the M1 active is a soundhole mounted humbucker.

Strings Direct TV | MXR M108s 10-Band EQ pedal for Guitar & Bass

MXR ten band EQ is essential for tuning electric guitar and bass rigs for any room/venue.  The 10 specific bands have been carefully chosen to suit guitars and bass string instruments with up to ±12dB of adjustment giving you the power to carve out a nasty frequency or boost powerful, low grunt, add punch, warm or brighten you solo.  Take back control!  The MXR 10-band EQ is powered by 18V which allows maximum headroom for super clean signal transfer (power adapter is included too!) with the added bonus of a noise-reduction circuit and a true-bypass switch.
The MXR 10-band EQ is designed for simple, intuitive use with bright, cool-blue LEDs on every slider and is housed in a sleek, modern aluminium body which is super-light and strong enough to survive years of knocking around on a pedalboard.  It also features a secondary separate output for handy signal splitting.

Strings Direct TV | Elixir Optiweb Electric Guitar Strings

Hot out of the factory the new Elixir Optiweb electric guitar strings are the lightest, thinnest and least invasive string coating ever made.  They still last as long as any other Elixir Nanoweb or Polyweb coated string but sound the most natural and crisp.

Elixir strings are coated over the whole string rather than just the core or just the wrap wire (before it's wrapped) so the dirt, grime, sweat and string-killing gunk can't get anywhere the strings and has nowhere to build up.  Elixir Strings Optiweb coating is the best ever!

Click here for Optiweb

Strings Direct TV | G7th UltraLight Guitar Wraparound Capo

The new G7th UltraLight capo is modern upgrade of the classic-style wraparound capo, however unlike the traditional wraparound which is more-or-less a fixed tension you can adjust the tension with a thumb wheel.  The clever design makes it the one of the lightest and most effective accessories for your guitar.

The Ultra Light barre is made from a hard composite material which is perfect for holding down your strings while the nylon strap position tension evenly across the strings.  Also, the specific materials this capo is made from mean that it can't damage the finish of your guitar!

To fit, it's a simple as click, twist & play!


For G7th UltraLight go here:

Strings Direct TV | G7th Performance 2 Guitar Capo

G7th Performance 2 capo is an update to an already unique-style capo.  The G7th Performance 2 is smaller, slimmer and lighter than it's older counterpart but just a strong, just as easy to use and just as innovative.

The distinctive squeeze and lock design guarantees that you won't over-tighten your strings and ensures you'll get the precise tension you want.  It's also super easy to fit and can managed in one hand (as demonstrated in the video above).  Just hang the capo over the neck and squeeze to tension, when you're done just flip the lever at the back and it lets go - you can then go store it on the end of your headstock.

The G7th Performance 2 capo is covered in a silicon rubber in all places that could come in contact with the guitar so there's no danger of damage - this material is also virtually inert so it won't react with any finish!


For G7th Performance 2 go here:

Strings Direct TV | BOSS DS1 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Distortion Pedal

Today we're taking a look at the new 40th Anniversary, limited edition version of the legendary BOSS DS-1 Distortion pedal.  From its humble, orange roots in the '80s to it's darker, special edition version for 2017 the DS1 guitar distortion has been an iconic sound in many a famous guitarist's rig: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Kurt Cobain, Gary Moore, Josh Fruscianti to name but a few.


For the limited edition BOSS DS-1-4A:

Strings Direct TV | NAMM 2017 | John Petrucci on Paradigm


We grabbed John Petrucci on the Ernie Ball stand at NAMM to chat about his experience with the new unbreakable PARADIGM sets.

PARADIGM strings feature superior break-resistance and unparalleled durability while delivering iconic Slinky tone. Over the course of the past few months, ERNIE BALL has been offering guitarists the opportunity—and challenge—to beta-test PARADIGM. Among those who tried—and failed—to break the strings are Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Dream Theater’s John Petrucci.

For Ernie Ball click here: