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Nashville-based boutique pedalboard company Pedaltrain manufacture a completely unique, rail-style pedalboard system designed to accommodate an array of effects units and pedals from micro-sized Mooer stomp boxes to the large BOSS DD-500 for any musicians from guitarists, bassists, keyboardists and DJs to cellists and violinists from our orchestral fraternity.

The clever ratio of rail to spacing provides a solid foundation which is tour strong, completely accessible and in particular, neat & tidy.  Power cables and tricky patch cable configuration can all be hidden below decks where, on the pitched models, convenient mounting of your preferred power supply is catered for; Pedaltrain offer a universal supply bracket for power bricks like the T-Rex Fuel Tank, Truetone CS12 and Strymon Zuma, as well as a dedicated bracket for the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power power supply.

Pedaltrain boards are made from a super lightweight - featherweight - aircraft grade aluminium which is designed to withstand the rigours of both the road and light-flight travel alike.  They offer matching soft case ‘gigbags’ for throwing over your shoulder or hard shell tour cases for stacking in the back of the van.

Who’s using Pedaltrain?  Basically, everyone.  Pedaltrain don’t rely on celebrity-driven marketing, instead they’re happy enough using Instagram posts to flaunt their products which show just how adept their pedalboards are at performing everywhere from sweaty local pubs to the world stage on the highest profile concert tours. 

Pedaltrain. #madetoroam #mypedaltrain

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Classic Jr.

Pedaltrain’s all-new Classic Series is rooted in the company’s best-selling pedal board models. Pedaltrain has incorporated design improvements that make these models better than ever. The Classic JR model should be familiar to you. Based on the original PT-JR, the Classic JR features Pedaltrain’s original four-rail design and traditional rail spacing. However, the Classic JR has been updated with an open front design (portholes are history) making power supply mounting more flexible and convenient. Other changes include a wider stance at 18” and the elevation has been raised by approximately 1”.  Included with purchase is 72” of Pedaltrain’s professional grade hook-and-loop pedal fastener and plenty of zip ties for securing cables. Classic JR is available for purchase with either Pedaltrain’s redesigned fitted soft case (featuring a heavy-duty metal zipper and reinforced stress points) or Pedaltrain’s new professional-grade tour case.

Pedaltrain’s new one-size-fits-all power supply mounting brackets (not included) are available for purchase as needed. (Voodoo Lab Mounting Kit: PT-VDL-MK; Universal Mounting Kit: PT-UNI-MK).

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