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This Is A Bass Legacy

For over 10 years there’s been a string brand, coveted amongst professionals and almost exclusively used by a clique of British guitarists and bassists.  That brand Legacy Strings is intrinsically linked with the British music subculture of night-in, night-out mid-size venue fillers, toilet venue punks and weekend pub-rockers.

Established as the Legacy Strings brand in 2006 we built a string that is high-quality, reliable, dependable and sounds great.  We use a conventional construction of wrapping nickel-plated steel wire around a steel core for sparkly bright top end and low punch.  Combined with the careful consideration of economy these strings tick all the boxes as a real, honest, working musicians’ essential.

To ensure consistency from string to string, across every set, our strings are made using purpose-built, state-of-the-art machinery which provides accurate core:wrap ratio.  What this really means, is that every time you open a set of Legacy Strings you’ll get exactly what you’d expect from a brand designed for the discerning professional.

The latest addition to our Legacy Strings set is the foil wrapping process.  The wrap is both air-tight and moisture-proof which stops any corrosion and rust forming during transit and storage.  Unopened sets of Legacy’s can now follow you through all those sweaty gigs and still be show ready when you need them.

Legacy bass strings are currently offered in three gauges: light, medium and 5-string medium:

40 , 60 , 80 , 100

45 , 65 , 85, 105

45 , 65, 85 , 105 , 130


A note about scale length!
Legacy bass strings come in one standard long scale length with no silk winding at the taper, and a good length run-off.  The strings are hex core which means they can be cut before tuning to pitch meaning they can be used on a variety of basses with different scale length.  Anomalies occur with some extra long scale basses and those long scale basses with through-body stringing.