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John Pearse Strings & Accessories

John Pearse is a USA-based guitar string and accessories manufacturer founded by the late, legendary English studio musician, tutor & author John Pearse.

The John Pearse string brand was initially conceived out of a collaboration of John Pearse, British Music Strings and Thomastik all on John’s search to create a new, better strings with a more accurate vibrating and nodal pattern.  He later worked with C.F Martin for a short period in the ‘80s before deciding to finally start his own brand of musical strings and accessories along with his wife Mary Faith.  The couple then opened the supply company Breezy Ridge to supply the growing public demand.

Over the years the John Pearse brand has gone from strength to strength and solidified its reputation as a string of quality and consistency for the working musician. They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary of John’s first ever set of strings.  But it’s not only their strings that have been so popular, John created many handy accessories such as the acoustic armrest, li’l nipper string winder/cutter and Edge brass slide along with more recent partnership with Rick Shubb creating the Pearse tone bars for Lap Steel.

Sadly, John passed away in Germany in 2008 but the John Pearse brand lives on stronger than ever led by Mary Faith.