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Herculean Strength

It’s easy to forget that Hercules stands have not been on the scene for very long, but they have quickly become the go-to company for keeping your instrument safe and secure. Whether on stage, in the studio or on the wall in your living room Hercules innovative design solutions are second to none. Enlisting the help of seasoned musicians Hercules developers used specific manufacturing techniques to solve everyday instrument storage dilemmas with great success. Coupled with extreme attention to detail during factory quality control has resulted in a range of stands and hangers that is borderline untouchable by other brands both in quality and value for money.

Are Hercules stands only made for guitarists we hear you ask? Hell no! Your keyboardist, horn section, singer and even sound guy can all benefit from Hercules broad range of stands. And due to their affordable price range you can enjoy them in the studio, on tour or simply for home use.

Hercules GS414B Guitar Stand

Standing at a height of just over 1 metre and a light weight 2kgs the GS412B is one of Hercules most popular stands. Designed with the Hercules unique Autograb system to secure the neck of your guitar and specially constructed rubber foam covering the stand legs its super stable. Even your drunk mates at the pub couldn’t knock your axe over!

Will the foam damage my guitars finish? No way – Hercules have created their foam padding specifically to be guitar finish friendly.