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Pádraig Floyd says:

"Despite the fact I have used - and loved - Rotosounds (Roto Blues, actually) for decades, I am always up for trying something new. Especially if it is something that will make my strings sound better, for longer.

Though I don't suffer excessively sweaty or acidic palms that turn strings to oxide in minutes, I liked the idea that a coating may prolong the life of a set of strings, particularly on a guitar that's played less often.

I've tried Polywebs in the past and I liked them. They were warm sounding, comfortable, but on one guitar they were a bit too warm, and more 'soft' and mushy, so they got changed. Quickly. I wanted to try these on the guitar (an ancient Epiphone korina flying V with Schaller-like pups in) that I didn't like Polywebs on before.

The Optiwebs promised crisp and natural tones and they don't disappoint. I have to admit I am impressed. They feel nice - sleek and yet with a nice bite. They feel completely like a normal string and are lovely and bright looking, as they will probably remain. The tension is a little different from my normal strings, but hardly noticeable.

They feel great, but then, I suppose any new set of strings can feel great. After fitting them, I gave them a few minutes of stretching and retuned several times. When I went back to the guitar, little tuning was needed then, or after several minutes of playing. So that's a good start.

The sound is loud. This V makes way more sound you would think possible, but acoustically, they were louder. Now, they were changed for a very old set, but it wasn't just about the volume. They were brighter, too - not in a jangly way - more that there was great clarity in individual notes and they chimed nicely. This was the case both acoustically and when amplified (just a little gain and some reverb).

The Optiwebs provide a very clean sound which I would have to agree is both crisp and natural sounding and without any of the softness I didn't like when I tried the Polywebs on this guitar before.

I'm now looking forward to seeing how they last, though I expect they'll do as well as all Elixir strings and go on for ages. I also might try them on a Gibson SG that for some reason I don't think I like the pickups on (they're 490s without covers). Before I make any changes, I may put some of these Optiwebs on to see if they improve matters.

All in all, these are a slightly different proposition for a coated string and may win a new group of users for Elixir."


Phil Gardiner says:

"I use Elixir strings already, I really like the low friction and lack of string noise so was very interested to try the new range.

The Optiweb strings are a large improvement over nanoweb in my opinion, the tone and feel are far more natural. I'm honestly really pleasantly surprised by just how good they sound on my Eggle strat! I would rate them as 10/10 for tone and feel. They have lost that old Elixir lack of connection between guitar and fret if that makes sense.

I can't comment on durability yet, I installed them a few hours ago but I will be fitting these to all of my guitars."



Do you want strings that have the life of a Nanoweb coated string but feel like a completely normal, uncoated string?  The latest coating from Elixir® - OPTIWEB™ - is the thinnest, most inconspicuous to date and gives you all the performance of a natural string without sacrificing the signature long-lasting tone life of Elixir Strings.

Currently available in 5 gauges:

09-42 - Super Light
09-46 - Custom Light
10-46 - Light
10-52 - Light/Heavy
11-49 - Medium

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