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 GHS Boomers are the Michigan based string makers flagship electric string range and uniquely feature a central round steel core.  Back in the day, round cores were the only central core shape that was used, however, in recent years hex cores have become the preferred option for most manufacturers.  GHS continue to follow their own path and favour the round cores for their warmth helping to enhance their big 'boomy' tone whilst also having the added benefit of increased flexibility.



These are the exact same strings that come in the GHS Nickel Rocker sets.  Nickel Rockers have been around since 1964 and feature a Pure Nickel wrap over a central round core.  Pure Nickel was the original wrap material used back in the 50's and 60's and remains a firm favourite for those players looking to achieve a more vintage tone.  The outer winding is also flattened off during the manufacturing process to give a smoother, more comfortable feel.  It should also be noted that Stevie Ray Vaughan was a big advocate of these strings... need we say more!