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D'Addario Auto Lock Strap 01/09/2020

Introducing the D’Addario Auto Lock Guitar Strap

As guitar players, we’ve all had this recurring nightmare…. you wake up in a cold sweat as you dreamt your brand new guitar slipped off your strap and crashed to the floor! Well, for many us, unfortunately this nightmare has been a very real experience. Whether you’re a keen bedroom player or love to play live (well, that’s a sore subject for a lot of us at the moment!) keeping your guitar strap on your guitar may seem like a pretty insignificant problem! That is, until it happens to you!... Read More

Martin Monel Wound Acoustic Guitar Strings 29/05/2019
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What are Monel strings?

Monel….wasn’t he an impressionist painter? Hhhmm, close, but not quite! You’d be forgiven for asking what on Earth Monel strings are exactly? Well, below we’ll be running you through what these lesser-known strings actually are and see what all the fuss is about… so, let’s get cracking! So what is Monel? There are plenty of alloys that dominate today’s guitar string market so there’s a good chance many players will never have tried (or even heard) of Monel strings before. Monel is an alloy made from a mix of Nickel... Read More

Glass Bottleneck Slide 02/05/2019
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Slidin’ into the weekend like….

Forget the scorching temperatures of the 4-Day Easter Bank Holiday weekend, this past weekend was the one the Strings Direct team had been looking forward to for some time. Why’s that you may ask!? Well, a few weeks ago saw the return of the fantastic Tedeschi Trucks Band playing two sold out nights at the London Palladium and a few of the staff here were lucky enough to head there on Saturday night…. It was a real treat! Whilst these guys are no doubt a world class band, the real... Read More

Fender Bullet End Guitar Strings 17/04/2019
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What are Fender Bullet strings?

If you’ve scoured our site in the past and taken a look at our electric guitar sets section, you may have come across Fender’s range of electric guitar strings and in particular their Bullet strings. You’d initially be forgiven for thinking the term ‘Bullet’ is yet another adjective adopted by a string manufacturer to help describe the “Punchy”, “Penetrating” or “Explosive” tonal power of their strings, however, if you open up a set, you’ll soon see that there’s more to the Fender Bullet strings than just a name. So what... Read More

Paige Cradle Style Capo 18/02/2019
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The ultimate guide to buying your next capo

Next to plectrums, capos are probably one of the most common guitar accessories that we hear are either lost (or stolen) from gigs. We’re convinced that what your local pub loses in pint glasses, they are almost certainly gaining in their stockpile of picks and capos!! Whether you’ve lost your capo, have never used one or have no idea what that crazy contraption does, we’re here to help you navigate the capo landscape. Buckle up! So what exactly is a capo and what does it do? If you’ve been playing... Read More

Acoustic guitar player with soundhole pickup 24/01/2019
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What acoustic strings are best for a magnetic soundhole pickup?

When it comes to making your acoustic guitar louder, there’s a whole host of pickup options available on the market including magnetic pickups, microphones, soundboard mounted, piezos and in some cases a combination of two or more of these things. A magnetic soundhole pickup is a popular solution for many acoustic players (We’re sure you would have all seen these before… these are the ones that are mounted across the soundhole and sit just beneath the strings). Due to their relatively simple design, many are priced well and can be... Read More

Ernie Ball Acoustic Sets 28/06/2018
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The Great Acoustic Alloy Experiment

I was recently given the chance to buy one of my Dad’s acoustic guitars before he put it up for sale on eBay (he has far too many!). I’m not an out and out acoustic player and if I was to reach for a guitar, it’ll most likely always be an electric. However, this Sigma acoustic I acquired (OMTC-1STE-SB+… that’s a mouthful of a model number – the guitar was easier to play than the model number was to say!) turned out to be a bit of a steal of... Read More


Locking in the (straplock) free world!

Locking in the (straplock) free world! I’m sure we’ve all been there, you look down at your strap attached to the horn of your guitar and it’s clinging on for dear life. You adjust your body shape like a contortionist mid song just to try and wriggle that little bit more material back onto the strap button. Now whether you’re somebody who likes to jump about on stage like a man possessed or not, its be nice to be safe in the knowledge your favourite guitar isn’t going to be lying... Read More


Ernie Ball Paradigm Slinkys… Review

OK, so Ernie Ball suggest that the new Paradigm range will play and feel just like the steadfast standard Slinky sets that have been – certainly in my case – the only strings I can truly say I’m happy with.  The first time I ever had to restring my guitar, I was about 12, I had absolutely no idea what strings I wanted and I just wanted to replace the high ‘e’ string I snapped the night before.  The guy in the guitar store obviously knew that and just reached... Read More


D’Addario NYXL

NYXL As guitarists we suffer many frustrations. We all want to play faster, harder, more musically and have great tone. In order to achieve that we have to navigate through the myriad of different guitars, amps, pedals and accessories that are on the market to find what works best for us. At least my string search is finally over… Here are some of the things to consider when finding the right string: TUNING STABILITY There is nothing worse than at the end of that epic solo, reaching for that final... Read More