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Paige Cradle Style Capo 18/02/2019
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The ultimate guide to buying your next capo

Next to plectrums, capos are probably one of the most common guitar accessories that we hear are either lost (or stolen) from gigs. We’re convinced that what your local pub loses in pint glasses, they are almost certainly gaining in their stockpile of picks and capos!! Whether you’ve lost your capo, have never used one or have no idea what that crazy contraption does, we’re here to help you navigate the capo landscape. Buckle up! So what exactly is a capo and what does it do? If you’ve been playing... Read More

Assorted Gig Tickets 05/11/2017

They don’t make ’em like they used to….

My mum recently asked me to go back home and go through all of my old things. For years my parents had kindly been storing a lot of my old stuff. I say kindly storing, I just left it all behind when I moved out and never went back for it! But the time had finally come for my things to make way for scatter cushions and potpourri as my old bedroom was to become the spare room for guests. Right after I got over the shock that the prospect... Read More


The (indefinite) Guide to Orange Endorsements

The (indefinite) Guide to Orange Endorsements by Alex Auxier I manage Orange’s Artist Relations (AR) team. Every day someone asks me how to get an endorsement, which we call an “Ambassadorship” (because, except for me, we’re British). I usually give a canned response with ridiculously high standards so that I can finish the conversation faster. The reason is that while we do have some minimal criteria in mind when selecting artists for our Ambassador program, what we desire the most is a stable, long-term relationship that is beneficial to all... Read More



THE SUMMER IS ALL ABOUT MUSIC Sunshine, live music, friends and a few bevvies pretty much sums up summer for many people.  We are lucky in the UK to have so many music festivals; from May onwards you can probably expect a choice of places to go most weekends – it just depends what you are in to!  Get your wellies ready!! For all the rockers like myself 2016 has a pretty good bunch for us to choose from.  To be honest, I can’t decide which ones I want to... Read More


Christmas Giveaway

This is our biggest promotion ever!! We’ve teamed up with a few of our favourite brands this Christmas to bring you a prize bundle that you do not want to miss out on!  Your chance to win gear to the value of £5000. To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is place an order with us between 1st November and 23rd December; you can order as many times as you like and on Christmas Eve a lucky winner will be drawn. Good luck! (One... Read More


Rock Chicks!

Back in the day female guitarists in the rock and metal genre seemed few and far between but this was not actually the case. It may have been they were overlooked as the men all kinda looked like women with their hair and spandex. There have been tons of female virtuoso Violin players so it stands to reason they are out there you just have to find them. So we shall have a look at these girls from a hard rock standpoint and start with the mighty Jennifer Batten: Jennifer... Read More


Thinking of becoming a guitar teacher?

If you have been thinking about boosting your income with guitar teaching but don’t know where to start, this blog is for you! Teaching guitar is great for me because it allows me to support composing and performing my own music.  It’s also very easy to upscale when you need a bit of extra cash or downscale when you have a tour or a composition deadline. I’ve been teaching guitar for 20 years and I love it! In fact I was 15 and had only been playing guitar a few... Read More


Artist Spotlight – Dave Brons- Album Review “Based On A True Story”

It’s not often I get totally blown away by an album release but this is definitely the exception. Dave Brons took a huge leap of faith to quit his day job to peruse a dream of being a full time musician. Dave launched an online crowd fund to create the dollar to bring us this fantastic album “Based on a true story” I personally know Dave to be a really great, kind and thoughtful guy and a fantastic musician. You may or may not know so I’ll provide a little... Read More


Air Guitar Fanaticism

The crazy come to play, pure air guitar From all four corners, both near and far From office workers, to the factory floor The maddest all gather, from every shore Their fingers wiggle, in all the right places Epic rock stances, plus guitar faces Give me a penny, for every mother’s son Who rocked out the stage, in air guitar fun Its not just for men, like Rick James or Steve Air guitar heads, are also daughters of eve So when you hear solo’s, by your favourite band Know someone... Read More


Guitar Gods – John Petrucci

Post provided by one of StringsDirect’s expert guitar bloggers – Mark Thompson from ‘Guitar Addiction’ I often see busy shredder threads in our group ‘Guitar Addiction Facebook’. Guys love to talk and share about their favourite guitar God. John Petrucci’s name crops up more often than many others, so I thought I’d get one of our guys to share his thoughts about him and check back at the close of the conversation on this incredibly talented guitar God. John Petrucci by Aman Hassan John Petrucci is the phenomenal guitar virtuoso... Read More