Locking in the (straplock) free world!

Locking in the (straplock) free world! I’m sure we’ve all been there, you look down at your strap attached to the horn of your guitar and it’s clinging on for dear life. You adjust your body shape like a contortionist mid song just to try and wriggle that little bit more material back onto the strap button. Now whether you’re somebody who likes to jump about on stage like a man possessed or not, its be nice to be safe in the knowledge your favourite guitar isn’t going to be lying... Read More


Working Around A Nickel Allergy

The thought of not being able to pick up a guitar due to pain is quite a chilling thought for most of us, however for some this is a harsh reality.  For a percentage of guitar players their playing can be plagued by an allergic reaction to nickel wound guitar strings.  This ‘seemingly’ harmless metal can trigger an allergic reaction in the skin and be the source of great discomfort.  The reaction usually manifests itself in the form of blistering or a rash, but other symptoms can also be muscular... Read More


The best Apps for Musos as voted for by the SD team

Some may say the digital age has brought along it’s problems, however, when it comes to being a musician, it’s fair to say that the introduction of the smart phone and tablet and their apps have made our lives not just easier, but helped us develop further as musicians too. There are literally thousands of apps out there all tailored to the need of the musician.  Some are great, some not so.  In fact it can be a bit of a minefield deciphering which ones are worth downloading (or spending... Read More


I like light strings and I cannot lie!!!

We’ve all been there, picked up somebody else’s guitar and wondered just what strings they’ve put on there.  They’re either too light, too heavy, too tight, too loose…whatever the situation, they just don’t feel right!  More often than not, when people pick up my guitar the strings are too light for their liking. Guitar playing can be a lot like going to the gym.  Hear me out! The guitar world can be quite ego driven.  Let’s face it, it’s nice to flex those muscles sometimes, lift heavier than the next... Read More


Ernie Ball Paradigm Slinkys… Review

OK, so Ernie Ball suggest that the new Paradigm range will play and feel just like the steadfast standard Slinky sets that have been – certainly in my case – the only strings I can truly say I’m happy with.  The first time I ever had to restring my guitar, I was about 12, I had absolutely no idea what strings I wanted and I just wanted to replace the high ‘e’ string I snapped the night before.  The guy in the guitar store obviously knew that and just reached... Read More



QUICK GUIDE TO GUITAR REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE Whether you are seasoned pro with an enviable collection of vintage instruments, or simply a beginner who wants to keep their only instrument in top playing condition, at some point you will most likely have to shell out for some kind of repair or set-up. These can range anywhere from slight adjustments all the way up to fell re-frets and break repairs, and it goes without saying that the price can vary drastically depending on the level of work that needs doing. This... Read More



THE STRONGEST STRINGS KNOWN TO MAN. Ernie Ball’s Paradigm electric and acoustic strings will be available to preorder from 1st April 2017. CLICK HERE TO PREORDER PARADIGM NOW. Here’s a message from President of Ernie Ball Music Man, Brian Ball:   ABOUT PARADIGM Ernie Ball’s Paradigm strings are the most break resistant strings on the planet – they’ll even guarantee it!  Providing an industry leading level of strength and longer life, Paradigm strings demonstrate an unprecedented advance in string technology while still retaining 100% of the Slinky (or Earthwood) tone... Read More


D’Addario NYXL

NYXL As guitarists we suffer many frustrations. We all want to play faster, harder, more musically and have great tone. In order to achieve that we have to navigate through the myriad of different guitars, amps, pedals and accessories that are on the market to find what works best for us. At least my string search is finally over… Here are some of the things to consider when finding the right string: TUNING STABILITY There is nothing worse than at the end of that epic solo, reaching for that final... Read More


NEW: G7th UltraLight Guitar Capo

G7th UltraLight Guitar Capo In an era where bigger is better, and technological advances are happening every single day, it is nice to see a big manufacturer take a step back and offer customers a product that is not only perfectly usable, but also very affordable. The new UltraLight Capo by G7th not only achieves this, but positively revels in it. It seems that, recently, there has been a sudden scramble to improve on, well, everything. While this is in no way a bad thing, and has led to many... Read More


How To Toughen Up Your Fingers (And Release Your Inner Shredder!)

How To Toughen Up Your Fingers (And Release Your Inner Shredder!) Many beginner guitar players, and even regular accomplished players, can have issues with the war between playing and pain when starting off. It can be a bloodbath…literally!! Bloody fretboards. Crusty, sore fingertips – we have all been there. So Strings Direct have compiled 11 Top Tips (no pun intended) to help you rock out for longer without curling up in the corner to find your happy place! 1. Be sure to be well groomed – Keep your nails short.... Read More