How many windings around your tuning post?

Everybody has ‘their way’ of stringing up an instrument. Take a look at a few different people’s guitars and you’ll no doubt see a multitude of ways they have been restrung; some conventional and some more unconventional, for sure. One thing that you may or may not notice is how many windings they have around the machine head post. Does it really matter? In reality, it’s not the end of the world if you have three windings or if you have four. We did hear that B.B. King was known... Read More


Gauge is just a number

String gauge can be a really funny thing. String brands use a whole myriad of names to describe the gauge of their strings. Here’s just a handful of the names that we’ve come across; Light, super light, extra-light, super-light plus, light, regular light, regular, slightly light, custom light, bluegrass, light top-heavy bottom, medium, new medium, true medium, standard medium, medium-heavy, heavy, heavier, heaviest. Phew!?…and we could probably go on!! String manufacturers will give these little names to their sets to help give a more ‘descriptive’ meaning to the gauge itself.... Read More

Taking Sound Notes 10/07/2018

Recording Your String Changes

When we first start learning to play the guitar we’re often encouraged to record ourselves playing. For most of us, when we listen back this can prove quite a cringeworthy experience, but it is hard to deny the eye opening benefits such an exercise can offer. But surely we’re listening whilst we’re playing right. Surely that’s enough!? Well yes. That is very true, however, our brain is being occupied in several ways when we sit down to play the guitar. Often we can be so wrapped up in the ‘playing’... Read More

Ernie Ball Acoustic Sets 28/06/2018
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The Great Acoustic Alloy Experiment

I was recently given the chance to buy one of my Dad’s acoustic guitars before he put it up for sale on eBay (he has far too many!). I’m not an out and out acoustic player and if I was to reach for a guitar, it’ll most likely always be an electric. However, this Sigma acoustic I acquired (OMTC-1STE-SB+… that’s a mouthful of a model number – the guitar was easier to play than the model number was to say!) turned out to be a bit of a steal of... Read More

Christmas Tree 20/12/2017

Stuff the stocking of the one you love!

This time next week most of us will be indulging in the post-Christmas meat sweats (or nut roast sweats for all our veggie readers out there)! But if like me the very thought of hitting the local shopping centre brings you out in a cold sweat, have no fear, we’ve compiled a small list of gifts that would be perfect for your guitar playing friend or family member, to help you on your merry way. Below we’ve selected a few essential items that suit a range of budgets and will... Read More


Cleaning Your Guitar’s Body

Cleaning/Polishing. What those really mean. We recently posted a blog on how to clean your guitar’s fretboard. Well, now it’s time to look at the guitar’s body. Once again, the prospect of cleaning doesn’t spark energy into most of us, but it’s always worth giving our guitars a bit of attention, to help maintain playability and prolong their life. Before you pick up your guitar, we’d always recommend giving your hands a good clean (you never know what kind of grease you’ve got leftover from your lunch on them)! A... Read More

electric guitar string saddles 13/11/2017
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Why are my strings breaking?

  If you’re breaking strings, it can seem like the bane of your life at times. It’s never a convenient time to break a string, especially mid gig. Plus if it’s happening all the time it can be an almighty pain in the proverbial. But why do strings break? Is it poor technique? Could it be a duff set? Perhaps….but sometimes there can be other reasons we’re not aware of. We all have our own style of playing. Some of us may be more aggressive players than others and attack... Read More

Assorted Gig Tickets 05/11/2017

They don’t make ’em like they used to….

My mum recently asked me to go back home and go through all of my old things. For years my parents had kindly been storing a lot of my old stuff. I say kindly storing, I just left it all behind when I moved out and never went back for it! But the time had finally come for my things to make way for scatter cushions and potpourri as my old bedroom was to become the spare room for guests. Right after I got over the shock that the prospect... Read More


Cleaning your guitar’s fretboard

  Cleaning your guitar’s fretboard isn’t one of the most desirable jobs in the world. Most of us just want to get on with playing and when presented with the choice of cleaning your guitar or playing, it’s pretty obvious which the majority of us would choose. But keeping your fingerboard clean isn’t just for cleanliness sake, it does have a practical benefit too. So what are some basic rules for keeping your fretboard in good nick? Well first it’s best to note that rosewood, ebony or dark wood fingerboards... Read More


Locking in the (straplock) free world!

Locking in the (straplock) free world! I’m sure we’ve all been there, you look down at your strap attached to the horn of your guitar and it’s clinging on for dear life. You adjust your body shape like a contortionist mid song just to try and wriggle that little bit more material back onto the strap button. Now whether you’re somebody who likes to jump about on stage like a man possessed or not, its be nice to be safe in the knowledge your favourite guitar isn’t going to be lying... Read More