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Setup & Repair

Is your guitar in need of some TLC?
Come and see our Guitar Tech Chris; with over 25 years experience including 20 years at the Bass Centre, Acoustic Centre and House of Guitars he'll be sure to revive your axe!  Chris has done work for the likes of The Who, Queen, Jamiroquai, Radiohead, Simply Red, Madness, Pink Floyd, The Blockheads, Bad Company, Elvis Costello, Jools Holland Band and many more...


WEDS - THURS: 9.00am - 5.00pm

For an estimate or to chat with Chris call 01702 540068 or email info@stringsdirect.co.uk


General Repairs Price Guide
*Please note these prices are guidelines as every repair is different.  All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Restring (Standard Bridge: £10 + Strings) (Floyd Rose/Complex Trem: £15 + Strings) 
We aim to have you restrung same day; just add strings!

Full Set-up - £49
The aim here is to get the guitar as playable as possible.  It includes all truss-rod, top nut and bridge adjustments for optimum performance as well as a thorough check of the electronics and overall clean.  (Strings not included).

Premium Set-up - £89 (Recommended)
This includes the full set-up with fretwork.  Most instruments will need this from time to time as frets become uneven due to fingerboard swell, shrinkage or simply worn through playing.  By having the frets levelled, crowned and then a set-up, the instrument’s full potential will be achieved.  (Strings not included).

Refret from - £100
A wide range of fretwire is available for refrets to bound or unbound necks but please note that some maple fingerboards may need to be resprayed (POA).  Includes full set-up.

Bass Defret - £75
Most bass guitars can easily be converted to fretless by removal of the frets and having the slots filled with a variety of materials. Includes full set-up.  Please note that some maple fingerboards may need to be resprayed (POA).

Replace Top Nut - £25
Top nuts can be individually cut from a selection of materials e.g. graphite, bone, brass etc...  This is often preferable to fitting a pre-cut top nut as they rarely fit without modification!

Rewiring from - £20
Any kind of electrical work can be carried out including pickup swaps, pickup rewinds, active circuit installation, custom wiring etc... Electrical gremlins also exterminated!

Hardware Fitting & Custom Routing - POA
Machine heads, bridges, pick guards etc.. can often be fitted with little or no modification however some pickups and hardware may require bodywork routing to fit, e.g. humbuckers, tremolos, battery boxes, active EQs etc...



"I would like to use your workshop but I am not local to Strings Direct."
No problem; we use a fast, reliable, insured collection & delivery service.

"Will your workshop fit my parts or do I have to buy the parts from you?"
If you'd like to supply your own parts we will be more than happy to fit them for you and cost will be discussed depending on your specific situation.

"Does the workshop setup guitars AND basses?"
Yes, Chris our in-house tech has a wide knowledge of both guitars and basses.

"Is it possible to have guitar electronics repaired and serviced?"
Yes of course.  Our Premium Setup includes a wiring check as standard but you can also request to add-on rewiring or a simple wiring check along with any other work being carried out.

"Can you help with guitar re-finishing?"
Unfortunately not at this time.

Is your question not here?  Drop us an email at info@stringsdirect.co.uk for an informal chat.