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Stuff the stocking of the one you love!

This time next week most of us will be indulging in the post-Christmas meat sweats (or nut roast sweats for all our veggie readers out there)! But if like me the very thought of hitting the local shopping centre brings you out in a cold sweat, have no fear, we’ve compiled a small list of gifts that would be perfect … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree

Cleaning Your Guitar’s Body

Cleaning/Polishing. What those really mean. We recently posted a blog on how to clean your guitar’s fretboard. Well, now it’s time to look at the guitar’s body. Once again, the prospect of cleaning doesn’t spark energy into most of us, but it’s always worth giving our guitars a bit of attention, to help maintain playability and prolong their life. Before … Continue reading

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Why are my strings breaking?

  If you’re breaking strings, it can seem like the bane of your life at times. It’s never a convenient time to break a string, especially mid gig. Plus if it’s happening all the time it can be an almighty pain in the proverbial. But why do strings break? Is it poor technique? Could it be a duff set? Perhaps….but … Continue reading

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electric guitar string saddles

They don’t make ’em like they used to….

My mum recently asked me to go back home and go through all of my old things. For years my parents had kindly been storing a lot of my old stuff. I say kindly storing, I just left it all behind when I moved out and never went back for it! But the time had finally come for my things … Continue reading

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Assorted Gig Tickets

Cleaning your guitar’s fretboard

  Cleaning your guitar’s fretboard isn’t one of the most desirable jobs in the world. Most of us just want to get on with playing and when presented with the choice of cleaning your guitar or playing, it’s pretty obvious which the majority of us would choose. But keeping your fingerboard clean isn’t just for cleanliness sake, it does have … Continue reading

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Locking in the (straplock) free world!

Locking in the (straplock) free world! I’m sure we’ve all been there, you look down at your strap attached to the horn of your guitar and it’s clinging on for dear life. You adjust your body shape like a contortionist mid song just to try and wriggle that little bit more material back onto the strap button. Now whether you’re … Continue reading

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Working Around A Nickel Allergy

The thought of not being able to pick up a guitar due to pain is quite a chilling thought for most of us, however for some this is a harsh reality.  For a percentage of guitar players their playing can be plagued by an allergic reaction to nickel wound guitar strings.  This ‘seemingly’ harmless metal can trigger an allergic reaction … Continue reading

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The best Apps for Musos as voted for by the SD team

Some may say the digital age has brought along it’s problems, however, when it comes to being a musician, it’s fair to say that the introduction of the smart phone and tablet and their apps have made our lives not just easier, but helped us develop further as musicians too. There are literally thousands of apps out there all tailored … Continue reading

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I like light strings and I cannot lie!!!

We’ve all been there, picked up somebody else’s guitar and wondered just what strings they’ve put on there.  They’re either too light, too heavy, too tight, too loose…whatever the situation, they just don’t feel right!  More often than not, when people pick up my guitar the strings are too light for their liking. Guitar playing can be a lot like … Continue reading

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Ernie Ball Paradigm Slinkys… Review

OK, so Ernie Ball suggest that the new Paradigm range will play and feel just like the steadfast standard Slinky sets that have been – certainly in my case – the only strings I can truly say I’m happy with.  The first time I ever had to restring my guitar, I was about 12, I had absolutely no idea what … Continue reading

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