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Augustine Nylon Guitar Strings

Albert Augustine had experimented with nylon thread as a suitable substitute for gut ever since he found a roll of it in a bundle of war surplus, although he would never have considered spending his time developing strings instead of guitars.  He was persuaded, however by Andrés Segovia Torres and the DuPont family to undertake some experiments with nylon.  It took Albert Augustine almost three years to develop a treated nylon string that was acceptable by his standards.  These became the Classic Trebles and more recent advances have introduced the Regal Trebles composed of a new, unique polymer that sings with bell-like overtones and big projecting sound and the lighter Imperial Trebles.   It was some time longer before he effectively developed the wound strings; Augustine tried numerous different unsuccessful metals and alloys but it wasn’t until he highly polished silver strings that he was happy with the result.  The modern BLUE BASSES, RED BASSES and BLACK BASSES are copper wound and GOLD BASSES gold wound specifically for flamenco players.

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